Over De Koffer

De Koffer is de studententheatervereniging van Tilburg. Studenten kunnen bij ons op een betaalbare manier bezig zijn met theater in de meest ruime zin van het woord. Ieder jaar biedt De Koffer een gevarieerd programma aan voor zowel beginners als gevorderden.

Lid Worden?
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  1. Sarah
    11 februari 2019 at 14:00

    Hello there,

    I am a student at Tilburg University and for my thesis project I am in need of some acting services. My supervisor told me that you can help out with that. I will explain the scenario for you:
    So we want to see whether flirting can be helpful in negotiation settings especially for women. We would need a 8 videos in which a woman (the same for all 4 videos) flirts a bit with the camera, and 8 videos where she has the same text but does not flirt. The same would be needed for the case that a man wants to sell something. In total that would make around 32 small videos of about 10 seconds.

    Could you tell me if this is realizable with you? And also how much the price would be?

    The videos would be used only for research purposes of course.

    I will be very happy to hear back from you!

    Best regards,


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